Deciding Between the 250 or 300 Two Stroke

As I sit down on this Wednesday morning with a cup of coffee, I feel some extra motivation to write a little blog post. Today's topic is a question that I get quite often, and I too go into great self questioning thinking about this very subject. 250 or 300 two stroke?

For one, there isn't that much of a difference. Don't make the mistake of over analyzing to the point of never making a decision (analysis paralysis). You will be happy with either bike. After testing, riding and racing both the 250 and 300 throughout the past few years, I have formulated a simple answer that hopefully makes your decision a little easier.

The 300 2 stroke is your work horse. It is a mule, a sorta tank that can lug through the snottiest of trail. It can power through some of the slowest, most technical terrain without stalling due to it's added displacement. It's buttery smooth from the deep down low RPM's up to the mid-range. When the trail straightens out, you let the dragon breathe and BAM, that 300 is propelling through the woods faster than Elon Musk's little rocket ship. Overall, I consider the 300 to be the bike for enduros, and trail riding.

Grip it and rip it!

The 250 2 stroke is more your cheetah. It is a faster revving bike with the slightly lower displacement. As a result, the 250 can be rung out with more control out there on the harescramble track (the 300 in rocket mode can get a little hairy). It pulls into that "sweet" power band zone sooner, which makes it slightly better in the higher intensity harescramble style races. Because of this, I consider the 250 to be the more harescramble battle weapon than an enduro, or trail riding machine. Don't get me wrong, you can lug the 250 deep down into the abyss, but it just doesn't generate the power like the 300 does.

Just remember, at the end of the day, it does not matter what bike you ride. All that really matters is how effective you are on the bike. Everyone has there own opinion, and there own set up they prefer. Get out there - test, adjust and play!



  • Thanks for the blog. I had a 250 xc and needed a new top end after running a 24 Hr race. I decided to get the 300 kit and love it. It will lug through anything and is less tiring than a 250 , less snappy, I can almost ride an entire hare scramble course in 3rd gear. Fits my riding style now that I’m the old guy on a bike.


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